Lions Pride

Lions Pride is a premiere leadership coaching company already working
for some of Staten Island's top businesses. 


We Believe
Everyone has a
Gift the world needs.

All of us are born distinctive individuals—in fact, we are 1 in 102,685,000. This distinctive quality is marked scientifically in our DNA. We are a once in a lifetime phenomenon, literally. Our exact DNA and composition have never happened before nor will it ever be repeated again. 

Everything in life that happens to us is a lesson when we begin to pay attention to. It is often at the height of our wisdom that we find the ideal mentor and/or partner(s). Then and only then can followers become true leaders. 

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Lions Pride Leadership

has created Lions Pride Institute as a way to connect and help more people. Call (tel) or email (email) us. Leave a message in case we are busy. We will contact you ASAP.


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