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This is a digital program that by practicing these laws and embracing them into your leadership style, you'll unlock a new level of effectiveness, fostering a culture of success and innovation. This program operates as a comprehensive digital course, allowing for flexible learning tailored to your busy schedule.






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When to Lead is as Important as What to Do & Where to Go.





How Well We Lead Determines How Well We Succeed.

The truth is, there are very few 10’s in the world; however, when you leverage the law of the lid and assess your own leadership, then you will have a straightforward view of who your followers are, where they might land on the leadership scale, and areas in which you can grow in to raise your leadership lid. The reality is that if you are a 7 on the leadership scale, in most cases you won’t be able to lead someone who is an 8, 9, or 10. Yet your skills can still offer invaluable leadership to people who are at a level of a 5 or 6. In this course you learn how.  

Trust is the foundation of leadership.

This is perhaps the greatest challenge leaders face in the 21st century. Too many people are disillusioned with leaders because self-serving leaders have too-often abused it. Trust, then, is the most important element in leadership. If you do
not have trust, you have nothing to offer. How do leaders earn respect? By making sound decisions, by admitting their mistakes, and by putting what’s best for their followers and the organization ahead of their personal agendas. In This course we show you effective ways it is earned. 

Anything thats worthwhile is never easy and anything thats easy is never worthwhile.

Sacrifice gives us a glimpse into the heart of a leader, a leader must give up to go up. There is a common misperception among people who aren’t leaders that leadership is all about the position, perks, and power that come from rising in an organization… The life of a leader can look glamorous to people on the outside. But the reality is that leadership requires sacrifice. And is a weight at time that must be carried. In this course you will take a good look behind that curtain.

Anyone can steer the ship but it takes a leader to chart the course.

There are 4 things that successful navigators do. Navigators anticipate the trip ahead and they build on past experience, I believe that as leaders we need to know why fences were built before we tear them down. Navigators examine the conditions before making the commitment, and lastly, they listen to what others have to say. In this course you will learn how to utilize these lessons.
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